6 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

6 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

  • Carly Seiff
  • 07/20/23

In 2022, the National Association of Realtors released a report saying that around 1.6 million realtors are active in the U.S. In total, over three million Americans hold a real estate license of some kind. Those figures tell us that the real estate industry is one of the most heavily populated in the country.

But not every real estate agent has the same skills, nor do they all succeed as great agents. What makes a truly exceptional realtor stand out from the crowd? How can you tell if you’re joining a real estate team that will help you reach all your goals? Below, we’ve put together an article to answer all your questions.

They are excellent negotiators

The real estate industry takes a lot of grit and determination to succeed. Not everyone is born with the unique ability to argue persuasively on their client’s behalf. It takes an outstanding realtor to arrive at the negotiation table and come away with a positive result.

This is especially true in Belmont, where sales and purchases of high-end properties carry many contingencies, counteroffers, and special conditions. Your real estate agent needs to have a quick wit and a subtle understanding of what’s up for stake in your deal so they can negotiate for the best sale price without thinking twice.

They can solve problems quickly

Speaking of negotiating without having to think twice — your real estate agent needs to be a quick thinker at all stages of the deal. Closing on a luxury real estate purchase or sale can sometimes hinge on making the right decision at the last moment. You want your realtor to be decisive and proceed swiftly through the terms of the deal without making any mistakes.

At the same time, your agent shouldn’t be overconfident in their decision-making. They should know when to slow down and examine the situation so they don’t overlook a clause in your contract or agree to a buyer contingency that isn’t in your best interests. To solve problems quickly, an agent should know how to avoid delays but also understand when it’s best to act on the fly and move in on an offer when the timing is right.

They are master marketers

There once was a time when real estate agents didn’t concern themselves so much with marketing or publicizing your home for sale. Instead of prioritizing spreading the word to as many people as possible, they would conserve their energy and simply organize open houses or delegate the marketing to another agency or expert.

Today, all the top real estate agents need to be master marketers along with expert realtors. The worlds of marketing and brokering deals now overlap in so many ways that your agent needs to understand how to succeed in both ventures. They should be a proficient digital marketer above all else.

If, for example, you live in a buyer’s market and you’re struggling to bring in competitive offers in your price range, your agent should know how to react. They should draw up a new social media strategy, redraft email fliers, edit the listing description, and take new photos and videos to reach a more motivated crowd of buyers.

They serve as a support system

Building a strong professional connection with your agent right out of the gates is critical. You should feel comfortable working with your realtor as soon as possible because the odds are you’ll be meeting with them at all times of the day for several months if you encounter delays along the way. Luxury real estate agents know that their clients are under a lot of stress while they’re buying or selling high-end property.

They should act as a support system for you and your family while you’re going through marketing, listing, fielding offers, and ultimately closing on a deal. Empathy is difficult to teach, so be sure that you feel welcomed by your agent and free to express any concerns you have about your purchase or sale. Otherwise, your relationship with your agent could breed dishonesty or secretiveness, which is the last thing you want to deal with in luxury real estate where the stakes are so high.

They have an eye for detail

Luxury real estate is, without a doubt, much more complicated than purchasing and selling conventional properties. The terms of sale, contract details, and financial agreements that you have to understand are so complex that only someone with a detail-oriented mind can navigate all the minutiae effectively. This is a skill that only a few real estate agents possess. When you first meet with your agent, ensure that they keep a rigid work calendar and contact you regularly. These are both signs that they lead an agency that is strict, professional, and always on time.

They have a vast professional network

Lastly, you want your real estate agent to have a deep connection with all the other qualified housing pros in your area. They should be able to connect you with dozens of contractors, appraisers, home stagers, attorneys, lenders, and more at the drop of a hat.

With a local realtor, you want all the benefits that come from working with someone with roots, someone who has a history in your neighborhood, and someone who will have the numbers and contact info for anyone you might need. Whether it be a last-minute repair, an emergency update to a social media post, or a final call with your buyer’s agent, your realtor needs to have a wide network of people to recruit to your team.

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There you have it: a complete guide for what makes great real estate agents stand out. If you have questions about the market, reach out today! Contact your Belmont realtor, Carly Seiff, for more information.

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